Harnessing the Power of Grid Computing to Study the Evolution and Interaction of Vortex Cores in Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics
Lucas Finn, Chris Kottke, Bruce Boghosian

VORTONICS is a software suite for computational fluid dynamics, allowing users to simulate and visualize vortex interactions in three dimensions, as a tool for research and pedagogy. It consists of about 14,000 lines of C and C++, parallelized with MPI, and grid-enabled using MPICH-G2.

We have performed cross-site runs of VORTONICS including NCSA, the San Diego Supercomputing Center, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and Argonne National Laboratory. Additional cross-site runs including the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the UK National HPC Service are planned very soon.

We plan to demonstrate cross-site runs of VORTONICS on the NSF's TeraGrid, and at the CSAR (Computer Services for Academic Research) facility in the United Kingdom at the upcoming Supercomputing 2005 conference in Seattle, Washington, USA from 12-18 November 2005.

VORTONICS double-sided informational flier, including a schedule of our presentations in Seattle, is available below:
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VORTONICS talk, given at the SC05 booths of Argonne National Laboratory, the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center, and UK eScience:
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VORTONICS slides contributed to the InterGrid talk at the TeraGrid booth on Thursday of the SC05 meeting at noon:
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